RacingBros Rear Shock Wiper - MY2017 Fox Float Air Service Upgrade Kits

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Compared to the original Fox seals, the Racingbros seals are made of a composite material with MOS2, graphite and PTFE, which reduces friction and increases the smoothness of the silencer. This seal kit includes all wiper Q-rings and O-rings required for air chamber service on all Fox Float, RP, DHX Air 2000-2013 models (parts for oil service are not included).

More protection against the ingress of dirt and water
The special design of the sealing lip provides more protection against the ingress of dirt, mud, water, etc. in comparison to the original dust scraper. Lifespan life testing of 20,000 cycles and the two-year field trials promise very durable products

RacingBros Fox Float Low Friction Air Can Service Kit. Reduces 50% friction than conventional bushing systems and therefore results in making your rear suspension more active and sensitive.