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NS Bikes Hold Fast Unlocked Grips

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Engineered for the most demanding of dirt jumping conditions, these high-quality grips offer a durable and dependable hold as you race across unpredictable terrains. These feature a super-soft rubber compound, which makes them comfortable and easy to hold onto as you tackle all the challenges associated with off-road adventures. Whether you're cruising along the flat or getting some air on the dirt track, these versatile grips are developed for maximum strength and reliability on every ride.

  • Material: Super-soft Rubber compound
  • Use: Dirt Jumping, Street and Track
  • Length: 160mm or 151mm without flange (can be cut down to 142 or 135mm)
  • Diameter: 31mm diameter / medium to slim
  • Mini Flange Diameter: 38mm
  • Bar Ends: Push-in NS bar ends, reinforced with Steel insert
  • Weight: 105g (+25g NS bar-ends)

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