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Fabric Lumasense Rear Light

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Designed to keep you safe when cycling during low light conditions, this brake light alerts traffic behind you as your speed reduces. Cleverly engineered to warn other road users when you're slowing down, this rear light is equipped with an accelerometer. This special technology boosts its brightness to 100 lumens as your speed decreases, which alerts traffic behind you in the same way as a car's brake light.

Glows Brighter When You Slow Down

The Lumasense uses an accelerometer to boost brightness to 100 lumens as your speed slows, alerting the traffic behind you. A silicone strap mounts the Lumasense V2 quickly and easily to your bike – without the need for tools.

Brake with Confidence

Let traffic know you're slowing down with the Lumasense's clever accelerometer that increases brightness as your speed reduces.

Tool-free Mounting

Quickly and easily mount your light wherever you need it - on your bike or helmet - without the need for tools.