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Crust Bikes Lighting Bolt

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The Lightning bolt is a dedicated low trail randonneur frame. Unlike the rest of our frames this one is designed with pavement in mind. Max tire clearance is 650b X 48c. Compatible with both 1X, 2X or even triple chainring set up. Main tubes are pretty thin   walled, which I noticed a bunch of people wanted the Romanceur to be, so here it is.  Will it plane I hear you ask? It flexes in such a harmonic resonance, you will think you are surfing Kelly slaters wave pool riding a Mick Mackie flex tail fish, doing the smoothest high lines this side of Derek Hynd at J.Bay, it just planes that good! What am I talking about I hear you ask? Contact Jan Heine to find out, be sure  to mention Kelly Slaters wave pool, I mean come on people! How is no one else trying to make a bike ride like a surfboard on an artificial wave?
Now lets get into some of the nitty gritty.

Trail, bottom bracket height, and standover dimensions are calculated using 650b x 42mm tire (about 334mm radius)

1″ threadless.

Bottom bracket shell is 68mm English standard threaded
Rear dropouts are142 Thru axle.  Fork tips are 100×12 Thru axle.
Seat post is 27.2mm
Down tube on sizes XS, Small and Medium is 28.6, 0.75/0.45/0.75
Top tube on sizes XS, Small and Medium is 25.4, 0.7/0.4/0.75
Down tube on sizes Large and XL  is 31.8 -0.8/0.5/0.8
Top tube is sizes Large and XL 28.6 – 0.8/0.5/0.8

28.6 front derailleur clamp.


Hand made in Taiwan.